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single flute gundrills

Single flute deep hole drilling is used today in the diameter range from 0,8 mm to 50 mm in three versions. In the diameter range below 1,9 mm drills are mainly solid carbide drills in which the cutting head and the shank used consist of one piece. For larger diameters we produce a two-piece design consisting of a carbide cutting head or a steel head with interchangeable inserts, and a steel shank.

Single flute deep hole drilling is characterized by a cooling channel in the tool though which the cooling lubricant is fed and the chips and coolant evacuated via a V-shaped flute.


  • Easy to regrind
  • Lower hole straightness deviation
  • Good surface finish
  • Diameter tolerances up to H7 are achievable
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Can be used on universal machines
  • Cross bores possible with longer drill
  • Possible use of minimal lubrication
  • Very good roundness (Circular shape accuracy)

The single flute gundrill is particularly suitable for deep and accurately fitting holes. It is available in three different versions:

Type 100

Single flute gundrills with brazed carbide head

Type 110

Solid carbide single flute gundrills

Type 120

Single flute gundrills with indexable inserts

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