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Type 110 Solid carbide
single flute gundrills


Type 110 solid carbide boring drill
from 0,500 mm
Type 110-01 solid carbide step boring drill
from 1,500 mm
Type 110-02 solid carbide counterboring drill
from 0,800 mm
Type 110-03 full solid carbide boring drill
upon request

Tool length depending on the diameter up to 700 mm.

The solid carbide single flute drill Type 110, which are connected by a braze joint, consist of the following two components:

  • Drill head and drill shank made of solid carbide with a kidney-cooling channel
  • Driver with straightening pin of steel
This type of tool is especially process and strong due to its construction. In addition, with low torsional longer service life can be achieved.

Available on Enquiry into completely solid carbide drill (Type 110-03)

Drill head

The peripheral shape is optimally adjusted depending on material and hole requirements for your drilling task.

Upon request we can generate special contours for you.

The tool diameter is not micable for forms G and EA after finishing!

Form G

  • universal contour
  • for all materials
  • low hole straightness deviation
  • low tendency to jam

Form A

  • tight hole tolerance
  • angular entrance and exit bores

Form C

  • universal contour
  • for all materials
  • low hole straightness deviation
  • low tendency to jam

Form EA

  • cross drilling
  • angular entrance and exit bores
  • tight hole tolerance

Nose grind

With the change of the cutting geometry, solid carbide gundrills can be optimally adapted to your requirements. For long chipping and hard to machine materials an open special point should be used.

solid carbide standard nose grind 1
for drill range: 0,050 – 4,000 mm
solid carbide standard nose grind 2
for drill range: 4,001 – 12,000 mm
More nose grinds are shown in the Technology chapter.

Cooling hole design

Kidney shape

Standard coatings

TiN: Titanium Nitride
TiCN: Titanium Carbo Nitride
AITiN: Aluminum-Titanium Nitride
TiAIN: Titanium Aluminum Nitride

Drill Head

Download our overview for Type 110 as PDF here. More drivers are available on request. We are happy to produce for you special drivers to your drawing.

Inquiries and delivery


Please indicate the required diameter, the overall length and the driver style.


Each tool is supplied with the appropriate Torx wrench for the replacement of wear parts.

Tools fully equipped and ready to use.

We will be happy to answer your questions personally. Call us: +49 7123 964 200