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Deep hole drilling

Requirement deep hole drilling

For good hole drilling results, cooling, lubrication and high-pressure coolant systems are required. Single flue gundrilling cannot only be achieved on deep drilling machines but is also very good on machining centers (drilling, turning and milling center) with:

  • Deep-hole drilling oil,
  • Emulsion (min. 10 – 12 % concentration, with additives),
  • and under conditions, with a minimum quantity air/lubrication system


Drill guide

The asymmetric goemetry single-edged single flute gundrill is nit self-starting, therefore a pilot hole or drill bushing is required.

The prevent outbreaks during retraction of single flute gundrill we recommend plunging in counterclockwise rotation.

Too big a diameter difference between the tool and drill bush or pilot hole can cause the following problems:

  • poor hole quality
  • excessive hole straightness deviation
  • drill breakage

Drill bush

Recommendation: Bushes DIN 179A medium.

Drill bushing has a form set against the workpiece!

Pilot drilling

Recommendation: pilot drill with m7 tolerance.


Deep drilling machine

Machining center


  • Make a pilot hole
  • Enter with stationary spindle or speed < 50 rpm
  • Set coolant pressure, speed and feed
  • Continuous drilling to depth without peck
  • Switch off coolant supply after reaching hole depth
  • Retraction with stationary spindle or < 50 rpm
Failure to comply may result in tool breakage.

Special nose grinds

In the following examples, various forms are shown:
Please contact us if you need a special grind for your tools.

Cutting parameters

The information below are average values as a guide. They depend on meterial, bore diameter, unsupported tool length, cooling lubricant, drilling conditions ans stability of the machine.

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Summary table Typ 100, Typ 110, Typ 120

Feed should be reduced at start, exit and cross holes.